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C.B. ‘Stubbs’ Stubblefield and Jesse Taylor

C.B. ‘Stubbs’ Stubblefield and Jesse Taylor

Jesse Taylor was hitchhiking down East Broadway in Lubbock when C.B. "Stubbs" Stubblefield picked him up. Together, they created the Sunday Night Jams at Stubbs.

Jesse Taylor was hitchhiking down East Broadway in Lubbock when C.B. “Stubbs” Stubblefield picked him up. Together, they created the Sunday Night Jams at Stubbs. Joe and Sharon Ely became close friends of Stubbs. Sharon and singer/songwriter Kimmie Rhodes cooked up and bottled the first Stubbs’ Bar-B-Que Sauce in the Ely’s kitchen. They put it in old, sterilized whiskey bottles of varied shapes and sold it to get Stubbs a few coin, a noble, but eternal quest. Now, Stubbs’ Bar-B-Que Sauce sells world wide. It is number six in the top ten bar-b-q sauces in America. Sharon Ely has created a new product, Holy Posole, which is selling on Amazon, and in H.E.B. Stores all over central Texas. Search it.

After the Joe Ely Band moved to Austin, Stubbs’ Lubbock location really went down hill. Stubbs could spy me as a gambler, and a bit of a soft touch. He hit me up for money to open up rather often. Stubbs had some con about him. When Sasha was a toddler, we’d go down to Stubbs’ when it was just him and a circle of old black men swapping stories. She’d play all over the joint, and we could always try to eat ourselves even.
Sasha and I were alone with Stubbs once when about a dozen gang-looking teenagers came in, two of them women. Stubbs was on his feet shouting, “I told y’all not to come in here! Get out of here.”

“Now Stubbs,” one of them said, “We just want to get a couple of pounds of meat to go.”

“Y’all get out of here, now.” Stubbs shouted. They beat a most hasty retreat. Sasha’s eyes were as big as Cadillac hub cabs.

I was in Austin when Stubbs was closed by the health department. Stubbs was quoted in the newspaper as saying, “Cockroaches are God’s doings.” Stubbs told Jade, Sasha, and I about all the support, and donations. George Thorogood sent a big check. Stubbs said, “One man in Chicago has taken to his bed, and won’t get up until Stubbs’ is re-opened.” Jesse Taylor showed up alone, and began a thorough and needed cleaning of the kitchen. Jesse had so much character. I almost helped. Jesse Taylor has been inducted into the West Texas Walk of Fame in Lubbock, Texas.


Johnny Hughes, Ph.D. was a professional poker player who ran poker games to put himself through Texas Technological College, where he would later serve as a professor and lecturer for management courses as well as Director of Petroleum Land Management. Hughes was also the original manager of the Joe Ely Band, securing contracts with MCA Records and the William Morris Agency for booking.

Hughes resides in Lubbock, Texas and is the author of  Texas Poker Wisdom, Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories and A Texas Beauty, Strong and Smart. See more about Hughes at johnnyhughes.com.

The previous post is an excerpt from Famous Gamblers, Poker History, and Texas Stories.

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